Comedian Has the 'Wright' Stuff at the Palace
by Dave Schwensen
The Morning Journal, January 23, 2002. Lorain, Ohio.

If traveling to another dimension were as simple as buying a ticket and hanging onto your seat, comedian Steven Wright would be the tour guide. The trip would cover a lot of ground and many different subjects, but like last night's well-attended show at the Lorain Palace Civic Center - it would never be boring.

"I wish the first word I had said when I was born was 'quote'," said Wrightr waling on stage to loud cheers. "Then before I die, I could say, 'unquote.'"

Throughour his 90-minute performance, Wright dead-panned his way through countless topics and thought patterns. With twists and turns that could numb the mind if you weren't laughing throughout, he made his coffee tables decaffeinated, his wire-cutters for high-wires and wondered how much space was between a wall and the paint.

"I'm insane, and you think it's a show," he laughed at the audience.

The people who inhabit his world are the true strangers in his strange land. His friends have sideburns behind their ears and wear braces over false teeth. He mixes his dreams with rented videos and claims to be a freelance astronaut because of the space program inside his head.

Wright delivered it all, then left to loud cheers and applause. Of course he had made an earlier exit when his mother had told him not to speak to strangers, but that's another dimension that everyone present last night will remember for quite some time.